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Matthew 25:35-40

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 Churches, gospel institutions and media houses have all invested a lot into shaping our fundamental values as a society. Sharing this message of love has often come at a huge cost. We can all attest to the gospel being free, however, it comes at a cost to all stakeholders.

gospel charities
missions, outreaches,
humanitarian work, etc.

For many decades, faith based outreaches and missions have contributed enormously into various communities worldwide. Often, these are done with little media buzz, or with the intention of taking credit. It’s in the nature of of Christ to lift others up and restore hope to the hopeless.

gospel music
professional artists, choirs,
praise leaders, etc.

Christian music has been a vehicle for carrying the love of God to all mankind, especially those in remote areas of the world. While David was known for his music before becoming king, several other singers were referenced in the bible for their use of musical instruments and much more.


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Taffi Dollar
Pastor & Televangelist